Sunday, February 16, 2014

Soaring Roris: Beginner's Guide For Astronauts

Greetings travelers. 

Before my follow up EP "Sinus Roris" arrives, here is a free mix of some lost travels that did not make the album. In this collection, entitled Soaring Roris: Beginner's Guide For Astronauts, are some loops, ideas, pretty much unfinished travels. This is your preparation guide to Sinus Roris before it lands. However, do not be fooled traveler, this is only a very, very, very small taste of the twisting, warping, ethereal, lunar dimensional voyage Sinus Roris has to offer...

Soaring Roris: Beginner's Guide For Astronauts


Sinus Roris is awaiting to arrive and be available for purchase this March 7th. Are you ready? You should be, but in case you aren't, get with the times and join the galaxies Space Travelers Program

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