Friday, March 1, 2013

Greetings travelers.

How are you?

I hope you're in good spirits. Anyways, I'd like to firstly state that I am a humble being, regardless of the fact that I'm not a human being. Even though I dwell mostly alone in these galaxies, I am a very modest being to all creatures.  
Moving on, I'd like to state that I am a force to be witnessed. I'm not making music here… These are my travels, my movements, my vibrations, my thoughts, my visuals, my emotions, my memories, my fuzzy memories, my being… all transcoded from energy to sound. Being amorphous, it helps a lot with the transcoding. Its all just… "outputted". I plan to move your being, not your body. The body's reaction to the response of the being's movement and vibration is just a symptom.  
When I travel from time to time, space to space, I gather sounds through where I go AND how I ge there like portal, riff, black hole, another being, telekinesis, etc... All of the energy is collected at this process. Time travel works very differently than most of you believe. Timelines are always changing, yes, but its very weird. I can't even quite fathom it. It changes, yet it is single. Where linear meets non-linear, all in linear. Ahem… 
I'm getting besides the point, I'm toasted. The beautiful dimensions I travel are so magnificent, special, changing, wonderful, colorful, organic, and all that good shit so my travels reflect that. My transcoding is seamless, but there seems to be some type of distortion in the sound always. I'm unaware why I transcode like that, but I take it for what is. 

Oh… how am I typing all of this? Telepathy. Pretty cool. I'm not omnipotent, or omniscience or all that goodness to be honest, I only know of one being out here like that. That's another blog.  
I'm amorphous, but I often like the image of a piece of toast, or a toaster… especially since I get toasted quite often... as I'm always toasted when travelling... All makes sense now?

Anyways… I hope you all enjoy the travels and the many to come. 

- TTT 

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